Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Stamp storage

Today I thought I'd share with you how I store my precious stamps. (unmounted ones) This was a problem for me as I didn't have any system until I had a convo with another crafter at a local demo day, don't know who she was, but she gave me the best (i think) advice ever, which is basically to use laminated card which they will stick to. So grateful to her - thank you unknown friend :)
So this is my little stamp storage turorial. Here is what you need to get started:
                                                        ink pad
                                                        white card
                                                        laminator pouches
                                                        ring binder folder

1. Start with a piece of plain white card.
2. Next, stamp your images on the card.
You can place the stamps on the card first and shuffle them around to get the best fit. I tend to put the larger stamps to the left of the card as i think it makes for more secure balance when the stamps are stored. I also like to put the image lable from the packaging at the bottom for a quick glance reference.

3. Now time to laminate.....

4. ......and punch ring binder holes on the left hand side

5. Now place stamps on laminated card to which they will magically stick ;)
I deliberately place the stamps off to the side of the image so that I can see
quickly which one I want.

6. Now you can snap your laminated sheet of stamps
into the ring binder - it should hold about five sheets,
(or more, depending on the thickness of your binder)

7. Finally, here are my binders stored on top
of  my wooden stamp collection, because I
haven't got around to clearing a space for
them on my desk, or better still ask dh if he
will make them their own shelf..........  ;)

Thats all for today, hope it was useful to somebody.

Have a good one!
hugs x


  1. Terrific idea, but alas do not have a laminator..oh dear there is so much I don't have, but this is perfect. Annette x

  2. What a nifty cool idea!! Love it!

  3. Hi Netty, I got the laminator from Tesco, cost £10, cheap laminating pouches from there too, or poundland shop!
    Cheers, Elisabeth x